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Take A Vacation With Vanna Bardot - VR Hush

Take A Vacation With Vanna Bardot - VR Hush

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    • 180°
  • Studio: VR Hush (254 videos)
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  • 16 Jul 2020
  • Download: MP4, 20.61 Mb

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Forget about everything that's going on right now, take a virtual vacation with Vanna Bardot. You know a girl with a name like that is going to be incredibly classy, after all, which is why she was able to afford renting out your place for her vacation. You decide to let yourself in to see how she's settling in, and it turns out she's pretty comfortable with the place already since you discover her halfway undressed already! She does have a few questions about the place, though, and they're all about how much longer you're going to stand there before you fuck her.

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