Come Spend New Year With Me! - VR Hush

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  • Studio: VR Hush (139 videos)
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  • 02 Jan 2020
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New Years is always an exciting time where you ring in the next year with all the excitement and anticipation that only a holiday can bring. This year’s party packs some next level anticipation though. Your girlfriend just dumped you, which is a drag, but Vanna Bardot has invited you over for her New Year’s Party. No clue what she has in mind but arriving a few hours early to the party with the incredibly sexual Vanna Bardot is enough to get your mind right for 2020. All you can think about is her tight little body, beautiful brown eyes, soft lips and gaze that makes you hard as fuck every time it settles upon you. As you walk into Vanna Bardot’s house all you can think about is ”popping off” the new year all over her face. Time to see what all those dirty glances and stares last year were all about. 2020 is about to start off on the highest note possible.

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