Rendezvous With Sommelier - Real Jam VR

Rendezvous With Sommelier - Real Jam VR

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  • Studio: Real Jam VR (55 videos)
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  • 24 Feb 2020
  • Download: MP4, 28.73 Mb

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Knowing what wine pairs with what good is a talent that takes a lot of education and practice. A good sommelier is worth their weight in gold, and Julia De Lucia is the best of the best. Unlike some snooty French guys, she's figured out the perfect appetizer for a wine tasting: her sweet, wet pussy. Julia loves to strip and use her big tits to entice her clients, stripping down to her stockings and begging to get fucked deep. She doesn't even make her pussy the main course, she's got her asshole open and wants you to fuck her right in the ass.

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