Lily Larimar

Lily Larimar VR

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Lily Larimar is our sweet and smiley girl from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! She is 23 years young and very fresh in the porn world. She is very determined to make a name for herself because here in VR Porn Seek, she already has 12 videos that you can enjoy. She is a very cute girl with long blonde hair. She keeps it straight and clean, but we know that you will want to see that frazzled from all the tossing and turning in bed. She has wide blue eyes that always make her look alive. She always looks like she has a twinkle in her eye. Her smile is to die for. Anyone who will receive one might just drop dead because she is oh, so gorgeous! She has a very petite body but her breasts and ass size is just right, you know she is hot. And she knows she is hot as well, because the way she struts her stuff is just so confident. Her tits are size 32 and her ass is very perky - something great to squeeze. She might be young and the picture of innocence but she actually has two cute looking tattoos as well. Some girls look extra hot with tatts and she is definitely one of them. She has a rose on her hip and she has a landscape art on her wrist. This definitely adds more character to her. She is a very sexually active person and she is not shy to admit that. Which makes us love her even more. There are a bunch of videos of hers that we recommend. One is Lily Larimar as Daddy’s Little Girl from VR Bangers. I mean the title says it all. Imagine being her step dad and that she has the ultimate hots for you. She seduces you and starts calling you daddy! And you get to fuck her right then and there. She is also not shy to do threesomes just like in this video from WankzVR titled The Night Before Wanzmas. She and two other hot blondes dress up in cute santa claus outfits and you get to have some Christmas fun with them. Why get one gift when you can have three? Here you can watch her have some fun with some other ladies. You can see that she is into that as well - kissing other girls and sucking on their tits. That just makes us and of course, we are sure you will love her more. She is also down to do cosplay videos like this video from VR Cosplay X called Star Trek A XXX Parody. Go to outer space with her and see her in action. Again, she has twelve videos already and we can not wait for more things she does. She does not say no to anything and she just loves getting naked in front of the camera. She loves hard cocks in her mouth and in her pussy and that is very evident in any of the videos. Lily Larimar is the girl for you!

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