Rendezvous With Anissa Jolie - Virtual Taboo

Rendezvous With Anissa Jolie - Virtual Taboo

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  • Studio: Virtual Taboo (464 videos)
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  • 20 Nov 2018
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Today on Virtual Taboo, Since it was Anissa Jolie and her boyfriend's anniversary, she decided to put on a surprise for him. For the special occasion, she put on a pair of sexy black high heels, and on the top, she put nothing but seductive red lingerie. She laid down on the black couch on the living room, waiting for her man, however, he did not show up. At one point, Anissa Jolie had enough, so she decided to take care of herself. It didn't take too long for her to remove the red lingerie, and as she did, her big knockers with pierced nipples busted out into the open. In order to turn herself on, this lusty princess started to fondle her big breast with her arms, and while doing so, she could feel pussy juicy oozing outside of her. Eventually she decided to advance to the next level, so as she kept fondling her big tits with one of her hands, she slid the other one down and she began rubbing her wet clit. The sensation of this pleasure caused Anissa to moan loudly, and thus her horny levels increased rapidly. As she kept getting hornier and hornier, she slowly inserted one of her fingers inside of her love tunnel, and before she knew, another one of her fingers got in. Anissa then rapidly continued to thrust her fingers inside of her nicely shaved taco, and she was about to reach her climax. While she was penetrating herself with her fingers, she screamed loudly in pleasure, and then she felt a nice wave of warm juices flowing over her fingers, finishing her solo session with one fantastic ending.

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