Mom Deserves The Best Starring Liza Pinelli - Virtual Taboo

Mom Deserves The Best Starring Liza Pinelli - Virtual Taboo

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  • Studio: Virtual Taboo (423 videos)
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  • 09 Mar 2021
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This VR POV porn video stars Liza Pinelli and what’s about to be the best ever day of her life. She comes home from a fun day of shopping to a surprise from you, her stepson. A gift to celebrate the most beautiful woman in his life. But wait, it’s not her birthday, so what is it for? It’s International Women’s Day, you explain, and you want to honor her like she deserves. You bring out a huge bouquet of flowers and candy from behind your back. What a sweet guy, she says as she thanks you. But then she sees the huge dildo you’ve hidden in the center of the bouquet. After she sees it, she suddenly tells you that your father barely fucks her and instead spends his time watching VR porn. You already know this, that’s why you gave her something she can use to help her cum. She thanks you again, but suddenly, this mature babe takes your cock out of her pants. The dildo is nice, but a real cock would be nicer. And you’re so big and hard, so much bigger than your useless father. She starts tit fucking you, your hard dick fitting perfectly between her big boobs, after which she gives you a blow job. Liza turns around so you can see her ass and begs you to fuck her hardcore from behind, and you push your cock into her dripping shaved pussy. Your step mom rides your cock and cums all over you, harder than she has ever cum in years. But now she wants a taste of your hot cum, so she kneels in front of you so you can splatter her face with your thick cumshot. Liza takes the dildo, but wants to taste your dick again soon.

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