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Pretty In Pink Paisley Porter - VR Allure

Pretty In Pink Paisley Porter - VR Allure

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  • Studio: VR Allure (98 videos)
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  • 19 Aug 2020
  • Download: MP4, 14.9 Mb

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You know when you see the words VR Allure, you're about to watch a really hot chick fucking herself with her favorite toys. Today's babe is Paisley Porter, and she's here to give you the closest thing to a solo GF experience possible. Blonde babes in pink is always a great combination, especially when she's got a body like Paisley with nice big tits so she can show off some underboob. Honestly, what she's really here for is to fuck herself for your enjoyment. Nothing could make her happier than knowing you're jerking off while you're watching her ride her favorite dildo.

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