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Today on Virtual Taboo, Home from college for summer break, Sofi Smile wakes up late one night to strange sounds coming from her parents' bedroom. Putting her ear to the door she could hear them having sex. The moaning and pounding made Sofi's pussy wet. Ever since her mother Josephine Jackson married her new stepfather she had been fantasizing about him and wondered what his cock was like. If her mother's cries were any indication, his cock and his skills must be top notch. The next morning Sofi waits until her mother has gone shopping and sneaks into father's room. He is asleep so she peeks under the covers to find his big cock hard. Sofi can't resist and puts it into her mouth. When father wakes up, he tries to resist, but her wet mouth is just too intoxicating and he lets her continue. He makes her promise not to tell her mother and then peels off daughter's panties and slides her tight, wet pussy over his big cock. It is even better than Sofi had imagined, hitting all of her spots and making her want to cum over and over. Just when they are both about to burst, they hear her mother downstairs and Sofi has to hide under the covers.

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