Strictly For You Featuring Scarlett Jones - Virtual Taboo

Strictly For You Featuring Scarlett Jones - Virtual Taboo

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  • 01 Apr 2021
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Scarlett Jones is out of her all-girls school, and now she’s in college. It’s fun, but she has no idea how to interact with guys. Now here comes the problem: there’s a cute boy who invited her to a pool party at his frat house. And now Scarlett is panicking. She has no idea how to act, talk, and dress around boys! First step: try on her new swimsuit to see how it looks, but she needs an outside opinion. The only one in the house is her stepdad but that’s fine. You’re a man, so your really opinion counts. So, does the swimsuit look good on her? You look at how her big boobs almost begging to bust out of the swimsuit, and the outline of her pussy, and Scarlett Jones knows exactly what’s on your mind— or rather, what’s going on in your pants. To make matters worse, your stepdaughter spins around and bends a little to show you her ass. You’re a goner. Scarlett smiles, and asks you to take your cock out so she can see how much you like her swimsuit. It’s going to be your little secret. The redhead slut starts fingering herself while you jack yourself off until you shoot your load. Scarlett’s happy— if she can make you cum that easy, college boys are going to be a breeze.

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