Nikki Delano in Nikki Delanos Perfect Ass for VR Hush - VR Hush

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Today on VR Hush, It's a hot day outside. Perfect for lounging by the pool. Taking in the amazing sun and water is great, but one thing is missing: a beautiful, sexy woman lounging by the water. As if reading Marco's mind, Nikki Delano decides to walk up to the pool. Dressed in a sexy bikini and high heels that emphasize her incredible legs and delicious ass, it's hard not to drool or feel a bulge in the pants. But Nikki knows what she's doing, and she's all for that bulge. In fact, she wants the bulge bigger. Not wanting tan lines, Nikki begins to take off the bikini. She also needs a bit of help lathering up the tanning lotion on those oh so hard to reach places on her back. That's what Marcos is there for. Rubbing the lotion over her smooth body, his cock just can't help growing. She knows it too.

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