Foxy Sanie VR

  • Country: Czech Republic
  • City: No information
  • Age: 31
  • Height: 5 feet, 8 inches (173 cm)
  • Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
  • Hair: Red

Embroidered by ink, her body tells a lot about the story of her journey—failures, and victory. Each line, as if a battle wound, scarred to leave a mark that will tell the story she just triumphed. That is Virtual Reality Pornstar Foxy Sanie for you - a mysterious, tattoo-clad femme fatale, nerdy but edgy funk - just feminine and with a pussy of course. Born in the Czech Republic on February 20, 1990, this 31-year-old ginger has a raw sexual appeal, a once sweet and shy pup, now a certified bitchesa, a swinger to ride on your cock and satiate your thirst for one juicy pussy. VR Foxy Sanie is tattooed all over her, across her collar bone (anchor), right arm, thigh, ankle, shoulder, and shoulder blades. VR Foxy Sanie even got herself a full sleeve arm for her tattoo. She is in no way scared of needles, and as such, is in no way scared to take in thick cock deep inside her. In 2016, Foxy Sanie VR decided to make porn and has since created a 27 total number of them. Most of which are released under Mental Pass, Fister Twister, German Scout, Let’s Doe It, and Legal Porno. With her thick thighs, lean body, and soft jawline, VR Foxy Sanie is one that’s only deserving of the freshest and juiciest cock there is. VR Foxy has a Double-A really soft tits (and which she enhanced to a massive 32B assets), 26 inches athletic waist, and super sexy 31 inches well-rounded hips. These are just some of her assets to get you hooked until you gaze upon her rare green eyes, boyish smile, and charming face, surely there's no way to escape. You could even ask how such a baddie can be a versatile sweet sweet lady on the bed, innocent and pure… and back to badass again. She will let you indulge by playing her tits and by gently sliding her wet pussy into your schlong, not until it's her time to devour your meat whole. This Czech Foxy always comes prepared for an unstoppable fight with her fangs all sharp to tear down your clothes and ready to grind in your flesh. Fox Sonie started to venture into the raucous business of porn last 2016, and to this date, is still savoring huge cocks till satisfaction.