Alexa Flexy

Alexa Flexy VR

  • Country: Russian Federation
  • City: No information
  • Age: No information
  • Height: No information
  • Weight: No information
  • Hair: Blond

Alexa Flexy or Alena Ruzanova is our sexy chick from Moscow, Russia! She is named Alexa Flexy because her body can bend in all ways you would not think is possible! She is just 24 years young and she was born on February 7, 1997. She has dark blonde hair and she has blue eyes. She looks like a cute little young girl but the freaky attitude of this girl will have you shocked and pleased at the same time. She is only five feet and two inches tall, so she is very petite. When you see what she does when she flexes and does some gymnastic moves you will have your eyes out of your sockets. She has a slim body as well and some of her measurements are 36 B cup boobs! Her boobs are huge for her body so it really frames her and makes her look extra bodacious. She has 24 inch waist and 35 inch hips. All of her is really natural. She has been in the porn industry since 2018 and she is not stopping anytime soon. She has a tattoo on her lower back and she has piercings on her navel and left nostril. She has a ton of porn videos and she has started in the VR Porn thing right now. In VR Porn Seek, she already has 9 videos in place. Some suggestions of videos that you should definitely watch is one, Spandex Anal Gymnastics from VirtualXPorn. This is a masturbation video that you can watch and you will definitely want to masturbate with her. She talks dirty here to stimulate you, so definitely a great watch. In this video you will see her showing off her flexibility and using her toys. She pulls out a dildo to rub on her clit while she has her legs pulled all the way back. She does a split and sticks the dildo inside of her pussy. And then to top it off even better, she does this thing with her legs that we can not even describe and stick that dildo inside her ass for some anal fun! Another great Alexa Flexy video is Meet The Slut Squad from Virtual Taboo. It is a virtual reality video with two other girls in it. So this is a foursome fun VR video. In this video, you are one of the girls stepbrother and her friends - one is Alexa Flexy, need some sexual help because they have not been getting it in college. In this video, watch this Russian babe get down and dirty licking some pussy! She also enjoys lesbian scenes which is extra hot. So when you watch her expect a whole lot of things. She has some threesome videos, solo videos, and one on one videos! And what is even great is you can expect her to show off her flexibility on all of these videos and this flexibility is something out of this world we can not even describe any of it but you just know that fucking this babe is even more amazing because she is FLEXY!

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