Lulu’s And Alexia’s Mimosa Macarons - SwallowBay

Lulu’s And Alexia’s Mimosa Macarons - SwallowBay

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  • Studio: SwallowBay (12 videos)
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  • 13 Sep 2021
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Any man who’s lucky enough to see Alexia Anders and Lulu Chu kneel down in front of him is going to be treated to the hottest and longest shared blowjob of his entire life. Just having one of these sexy Asians work your cock is enough to make you explode in your pants. Having the both of them ready to suck you off is going to make you use every last ounce of your energy to hold back your load for more than a few seconds. It’s not their fault that they’re making you work so hard. Once you see these skinny girls with their small tits out in full view for you, you’ll know that it’s a burden they’ve had to bear their entire lives. They’re gorgeous from head to toe and no man can control himself around them. That’s why they get right down to business and start trading off the lucky cock so they both have as much time to play with it as they can possibly get. No matter how they hold back, this dick just can’t last for very long with them. Going from one hot mouth to the other makes it explode in almost no time at all and the girls are treated to a hot and sloppy load that they both get to taste and play with. That finally makes it all worth it for them. No matter how badly they wanted to taste the throbbing penis in their mouths, getting to swallow down a massive load of cock stew is just as good for these two cum loving girls.

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