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Lick My Lollipop - Virtual Taboo

Lick My Lollipop - Virtual Taboo

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  • 02 Mar 2020
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You and your buddy are really into anime, so you're planning on going to a convention soon. You're so into planning your costumes that you didn't pay any attention to his adorable 18 year old sister, Eva Elfie, who was secretly listening in on your conversations. She really likes you and she wants to be a pretty little girl like you watch in your shows, so she bought a Japanese schoolgirl outfit and a pink wig as a surprise for you. The biggest surprise comes when she opens up her shirt to show off her truly incredible tits, then flashes her shaved pussy at you too. You're going to have her pulling an ahegao face by the time you're done with her, but for now, just enjoy the show she's putting on for you.

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