Jugs and Juice - Chloe Lamur - Virtual Taboo

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  • 26 Mar 2018
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As these things go, we find our stacked young looker Chloe Lamur in the living room. There is no one in the house except for her and her huge boobies. Feeling the heat rising up in her insanely voluptuous body, this desirable co-ed stunner knew that she would have to do something about it or that she just might go insane with the desire. Grabbing a hold of her giant tits, this brunette babe squeezed them before pulling up her shirt and letting them pop out in the open. After playing around with them some more, Chloe got up and started slowly pulling down her jeans shorts, effectively unveiling her white panties. Sitting down on the rug again, our beloved Chloe slid her panties to the side and exposed her cleanly shaved muff in all of its glory. Then, removing what little is left of her underwear and leaving only her shoes and socks on, this curvaceous bombshell started slowly rubbing her already wet beaver. Making circular motions with her delicate fingers, this luscious darling made her body, as well as her big boobs, shiver and shake with passion while moaning like a pornstar. As she felt that the orgasm was getting nearer and nearer, this smoking hot angel increased both the pace and the intensity of fingering. Fingering herself faster and faster, Chloe simply had to put her legs up in the air before a final wave of immense pleasure washed over her steaming hot body and her lusty lips parted to let out a moan which was heard throughout the entire house.

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