Is Shalina Devine Hot Or Not? - Virtual Taboo

Is Shalina Devine Hot Or Not? - Virtual Taboo

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  • Studio: Virtual Taboo (518 videos)
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  • 29 Sep 2020
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It's perfectly normal to start fantasizing about your hot new next door neighbor, and Shalina Devine is the kind of woman who gives you a whole lot to fantasize about. Frankly, you're a little too shy to break the ice, so you stick to your porn at home and trying to stare at her when you think she's not looking. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately if you spin it right, she's noticed and she thinks that you're actually pretty cute too. In fact, she's wearing that little black dress just because she knows you like it, and then she reveals the biggest tell there is that she was planning to fuck you before she ever came over: she's wearing matching underwear. You get to watch her strip and tease you until you're ready to jerk yourself off in this great Virtual Taboo scene.

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