Bubble Bath For Bubble Butt - Jolee Love - Virtual Taboo

Bubble Bath For Bubble Butt - Jolee Love - Virtual Taboo

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  • Studio: Virtual Taboo (464 videos)
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  • 18 Dec 2018
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Today on Virtual Taboo, Jolee Love is a very busy young woman. Between her full day of classes and extra studying, her mind and body are exhausted at the end of the day. After a long day of school and studying, beautiful young Jolee Love needs to fine some way to relax. She runs a nice hot bath and slips her gorgeous young body in the warm water. It instantly soothes her tired flesh and she feels a rush of relaxation. The warm bath is a good start, but Jolee has tension that warm water and bubbles can't sooth. Lusty desires that have her nipples perky and craving attention. The burning desire coming from her young pussy needs attending to. Jolee spreads her thighs, feeling the warm water caressing her shaved lips as she slips her fingers down her body to the source of her growing arousal. Using the sides of the bathtub, Jolee spreads her long, shapely legs wide so that her fingers can explore her tight folds and rub her throbbing clit. Cumming hard on her fingers, the horny young student feels waves of pleasure and relaxation sweep over her body. Even that is not enough however and she gets out of the tub for one more round of self pleasure on the bathroom floor. She rubs and fingers herself to one more mind-shattering climax before finally being satisfied?for now.

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