Bridgette B Knows How To Handle Your Joystick - VR Hush

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Today on VR Hush, you are a nerd, and you love your comic books. Sometimes you just want to stay home, play some video games and look at porn. You don't want to get up to look for girls, you want them to come to you. Recently, your dad remarried. Your step mom, Bridgette B is pretty fucking hot, but you know what? It turns out that she actually has a thing for nerds! As you are playing your favorite FPS game, Bridgette B walks past your room and notices that you are really into it. She then asks you, "Why do you dress so damn nerdy?", and you don't have an answer for her. She wants you to dress to impress. After all, how else are you going to find a girl? She decides to pull out some clothes from your dad's closet to help, and when she pulls your pants down, she finds a cock that she really likes. Without even blinking, your new step mom is sucking your cock and bouncing her tits in your face like no other girl you know.

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