Blue Nights With Eva's Touch - Lady Jay - Virtual Taboo

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  • 26 Mar 2019
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Today on Virtual Taboo, You have been dreaming about your gorgeous stepsister Eva Elfie ever since your dad married her mom. How could you not. Eva is blonde, busty, beautiful and built for pure pleasure. Your fantasies about her have become a constant reminder of how maddening it is to live under the same roof with such an amazing creature. Still, in your wildest dreams you could not have imagined coming home to find her waiting for you. Waiting in sexy, see-through lingerie and inviting you into her bedroom. She knows it is wrong to have such feelings for her step brother, but your parents are out for the night and she just can't wait another minute to feel your big hard cock in her. Her breasts are bigger than you even imagined and her nipples are hard as rocks through the sheer fabric. Eva turns around and shows you the perfect curve of her cheeks, hugged by the tight shorts. You have never seen an ass so amazing. Eva slowly removes her clothes, giving you a view of her body that you have only fantasized about. Her breasts are full and perky. Her shaved pussy looks tight and is visibly wet. Her legs part and her fingers slide gently into her slick slit, fucking her pussy as you have dreamed of doing. The moment has arrived. She is ready. "I know you want me," she whispers. "It's OK, I want you too. Come fuck me."

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