Your First Girl With Dolly P - Wank It Now VR

Your First Girl With Dolly P - Wank It Now VR

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  • Studio: Wank It Now VR (56 videos)
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  • 02 Apr 2021
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You're at your friend’s home and waiting for your mate to come downstairs and meet you. This bloke is taking too long, but it’s fine, because suddenly, Dolly comes downstairs searching for something. Now, you hope your mate takes longer, because Dolly is one hell of a babe. This blonde British hottie has always played a starring role in your wet dreams because she’s utterly perfect. Who can resist those beautiful blue eyes, long golden hair, and that super pretty face? Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she has MASSIVE TITS either. Anyway, Dolly notices you waiting for your friend and you two start talking. You let it slip that you’re still a virgin, and Dolly offers to kickstart your sexual awakening with an exclusive show. Of course, she wants you to participate. Dolly tells you to get your big cock out of your pants and in your hands, and start wanking off to her sizzling performance. You’re more than happy to oblige! Now all that’s left is to sit back, relax, and try not to cum immediately as Dolly starts stripping off her lingerie and showing you her big boobs and tattoos while in high heels. Enjoy her curvy body and round, sweet ass in this new POV porn video from Wank It Now VR!

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