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You Definitely Don’t Need To Study! - VR Hush

You Definitely Don’t Need To Study! - VR Hush

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  • 15 Mar 2020
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Isabella Nice is one smoking hot professional tutor. Usually Isabella spends her days helping people study and prepare for their GED Exams. That is boring though, and Isabella often fantasizes about more exciting things that she could be getting into. All of those fantasies seem to be coming to life the second she met you though. The two of you had incredible chemistry when you met at the bar and she was shocked when you quickly scheduled a time to swing by her office for some tutoring. Isabella Nice has an idea of what you are really coming over for and put on one of her most sexy outfits for the occasion. Fuck GED standing for “General Educational Development”… Today GED will mean, “Great English Dick”. Let’s see if you can hold up to Isabella’s high testing standards.

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