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Vanna Bardot Has Been So Bored - VR Allure

Vanna Bardot Has Been So Bored - VR Allure

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  • Studio: VR Allure (97 videos)
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  • 17 Sep 2020
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Let's face it, you've never seen a girl as fucking hot as Vanna Bardot in person before. Well, you're getting to visit her apartment in VR thanks to the crew at VR Allure and that's damn near as good. She's the kind of girl who knows exactly how to put on a super hot show for you, and she's got a pretty big collection of sexy toys so you know it's going to be interesting to watch. Watching her spread her legs so she can hit her clit just right with her magic wand is amazing, and when she starts deepthroating her favorite dildo you're going to wish it was your dick down her throat.

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