Unmasking Marilyn Johnson - VR Hush

Unmasking Marilyn Johnson - VR Hush

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  • Studio: VR Hush (207 videos)
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  • 27 Mar 2021
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Is there anything more boring than having to spend a full day at the office grinding out paperwork and documents? That’s exactly what Marilyn Johnson had to do today. Well, basically everyday nine-to-five. From when she shows up 25 minutes late up to the time she leaves 20 minutes early, Marilyn pretty much does all the work in the office. Making things worse is the fact that she has to wear a mask around you— what kind of rule is that? But you’re the boss, so she had to do it. Well, Marilyn has had enough. Today, she is taking off that goddamn mask, because she knows why you and’re forcing her to wear it. Because you can’t help but get turned on every time you get a look at her face! She’s caught you staring at her ass, hungrily looking at every inch of her body, and she’s even had a glimpse of your boner too many times to count. Today, the mask is coming off along with your pants. You’re useless in the office, so Marilyn Johnson is going to maximize your most useful asset. That massive dick, and you’re going to use it to fuck her every hole until she cums and you finish with a massive cumshot.

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