Time Well Spent With Nessie Blue - Sex Babes VR

Time Well Spent With Nessie Blue - Sex Babes VR

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  • 08 Apr 2021
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Imagine having the best looking brunette in town! Yup, that is right, Nessie Blue is your girlfriend! How did you get so lucky? You do not even know as well. All you know for sure is that you can not wait to fuck her every night. Not to mention that she is super into you as well! She loves begging for your attention. She loves to touch you and slide her pretty little fingers up and down your body. She loves staring at your huge bulge which she can not wait to touch over and under your shorts. Imagine that you are lounging on a lazy Sunday, just wanting to chill but your very hot girlfriend is getting really horny and wants you to fuck her. She comes in while you are relaxing in her cute jeans and tight white tank top. She tries to be cute and looks at you like you know what is coming. She pulls out your cock so she can suck it. And suck it good, she does! Of course, by this point, you can not help but to touch her back and remove all of her clothing. You just want a taste of her. You want to rub those breasts, pull that short black hair, and caress her thighs. She first sits on you and rides your cock like she has been wanting to all day long. You then flip her over and you fuck her on her back on the couch. You put her legs way up and she just keeps moaning and moaning. You know that she wants more. You give her more, of course, why wouldn’t you? She begs for you to cum with her. All you can think of is your pleasure! Enjoy this Sex Babes VR video that will have you cumming again and again.

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