The Maid’s Tale with Lana Roy and Sharon White - Virtual Taboo

The Maid’s Tale with Lana Roy and Sharon White - Virtual Taboo

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  • Studio: Virtual Taboo (418 videos)
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  • 02 Apr 2021
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Hot and spoiled Sharon White is craving for the next exciting thing. Her husband is always happy to give her what she wants, and today, it’s a new maid that she and her husband can share. Lana Roy is next on the interview list. She’s got the qualifications, and most importantly, she’s sexy as fuck. On top of that, she agrees to all the tasks the couple described she would be doing— and the list went beyond cleaning. HIRED! Naturally, the horny Sharon and her husband don’t want to wait before trying their new human sex toy. Sharon starts taking down Lana’s shirt to reveal her plump and firm tits, before licking her stiff nipples. Lara is perfectly obedient, which is exactly what they want. Your wife invites you to taste your new plaything, but not before they share your hard cock. Sharon watches with delight as Lana tries to choke down your big dick. You play with her some more, with Lana eating out Sharon’s pussy, and you fucking her tight cunt. For her part, Lana clearly loves her new job as your maid. As a reward for Lana’s first day, you cum in Sharon’s mouth and fill it with your load, which she enjoys before spitting it in Lara’s mouth and kissing her cum-sticky lips.

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