The Dick-Tok Influencer Alexis Tae - BaDoinkVR

The Dick-Tok Influencer Alexis Tae - BaDoinkVR

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  • Studio: BaDoinkVR (378 videos)
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  • 07 Apr 2021
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BaDoinkVR lets you virtually fuck Alexis Tae in fucking great, super steamy, and ultimately intimate VR experience. You know that Alexis Tae is this top-notch social media star and a real hottie. You think that dating her would bring you real trouble, but that is where you are wrong. She is super famous from apps like Snapchat all the way to Tik-Tok. And today, she is giving exclusive content for her dear followers. Guess what it is? It is live VR sex and you are the cock that shows up in it. You feel the pressure but you want to give Alexis the best sex experience of her life. Before you get to fuck her, she shows off her hot bod in front of the camera first. Her stockings are pretty hot. She strips as she caresses herself from her boobs down to her pussy. She takes off all her clothes and shoves her pussy near the camera for a close up look of her tight little pussy. She then lets you lay down with her and pulls out your huge cock. She strokes it up and down before she devours it with her mouth. She gives you the blow job of your life. She smiles and flirts with you while she does this. She can not take it anymore so she goes on and sits right on your cock. She humps you in an upward and downward motion, making herself, and you moan out in ecstacy. She rubs her clit while she fucks you for extra stimulation. You start to meet her with thrusts and that just makes her scream even more. Then you do a reverse cow girl where you can have a better view of that ass. You finish her off with doggy-style and then her on her back. Not letting her shut up for a moment. Every thrust makes her moan in pleasure and that is the way you know you are fucking her right and good.

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