The Cable Guy - VR Bangers

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  • 04 Sep 2019
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Today on VR Bangers, They say that there is nothing equally erotic for a woman than to meet a guy that has learned his trade and is capable of doing some physical work that could make the girl’s life much easier. That is probably why there are so many plumbers and gardeners related VR porn fantasies – yet this time, we are heading into a slightly different direction, as The Cable Guy blonde VR porn movie is about… the cable guy. Sometimes it is actually quite easy to guess the basic plot of our VR porn videos by just reading their names – just like this time – but it does not mean that this VR porn scene is any boring and that you are not going to enjoy it! Inside of this babe VR porn video, we paid a visit to our beautiful VR porn star, Katie Morgan, who has done something with her modem and now she can’t get any Wi-Fi signal. Because of that, the always-horny girl is incapable of watching her favorite VR porn and she needs to get it fixed ASAP – and that is why she has called for the VR Bangers’ cable guy to come and rescue her.

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