Tempted Housewife - POV - Ally Style - Mature Reality

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  • 06 Apr 2018
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Ally Style is desperate. Day after day, she wakes up to the same routine in the same house. She used to have career, but that was before she married Rob. Now she is as you would say "well taken care of." Financially that is. But this sense of security is what is slowly killing her inside. She longs for the wild parties, the raw excitement and the sheer joy of anticipation that filled her veins night after night. She gets up the courage to act, recalling a reference for a special type of house call she got from her girlfriend. It just might spell the end to her misery – if only for a transient moment. She has to give it a try ꟷ there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Gently she smiles to herself as she feels the resolve slowly build inside her. After all living out her days behind eight foot walls has one distinct advantage – it is a fortress that can be used to keep secrets.

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