Stepdaughter Is My Little Fuck Toy - Virtual Taboo

Stepdaughter Is My Little Fuck Toy - Virtual Taboo

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  • Studio: Virtual Taboo (428 videos)
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  • 07 Apr 2020
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Some girls just need a firm guiding hand from a mature man to set them on the right path in life. Your stepdaughter Nikki Hill is that kind of girl. She's a lazy bitch with no ambitions, no job, and no friends who just sits around the house all day. It's up to you to teach her a lesson about how women should behave, and you're going to have to put her through some harsh discipline to get the job done. You set her up with a list of chores, including folding the laundry and making a decent dinner for once. When you see the way her face starts to light up from your forceful tone, you'll have no choice but to make her into your obedient little slave girl.

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