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Steaming Things Up featuring Jaye Summers and Ayumi Anime - VR Bangers

Steaming Things Up featuring Jaye Summers and Ayumi Anime - VR Bangers

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  • 28 Oct 2017
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Jaye Summers is in the sauna with her girlfriend Ayumi Anime. They haven’t really hooked up yet but they were just trying to have a girl’s day together at the spa. However, once they got naked together and sat in the sauna together they couldn’t stop making eyes at each other. Ayumi grabbed Jaye from behind and started to kiss her neck. Maybe it was just the steam but things were certainly heating up for these two lesbian lovers. Jaye was surprised and she wasn’t actually prepared for this lesbian seduction, but she really didn’t mind the whole thing once it was all underway. Of course Ayumi is one of the hottest Asian sluts around and Jaye always had a slight crush on her but never really knew how to go about realizing it. Now here is Ayumi giving her everything she always desired! Ayumi bends over to lick her friends pussy and bring her to the joys of cunnilingus. Jaye is surprised at first but soon the action relaxes her and she gets into it. Jaye rides Ayumi’s face like she has been getting fucked by ladies all her life even though a few minutes ago she was shocked by the idea of having a lesbian love affair.

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