Silver Lining Secret - StasyQVR

Silver Lining Secret - StasyQVR

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  • Studio: StasyQVR (71 videos)
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  • 26 Apr 2019
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Today on StasyQVR, Right behind those doors is a very special surprise. A beautiful brunette doll Liya Silver with the body of a living goddess that, any moment now, is going to walk out in front of you and knock you down to the ground with her sheer beauty. Liya Silver has come to StasyQ VR and she brought a special little black lingerie outfit that's going to make your heart jump right out of your chest - if it doesn't make your cock jump out of your pants, first! Her curves, her moves, and that sweet smile are enough to make any man fall over themselves for just the chance to look at her, and now she's all yours in StasyQ VR's signature high-resolution video and immersive filming techniques. Follow her around the studio as she slow reveals just a few more inches of her body, deliciously teasing you until you think you just might lose all control. Your patience will rewarded, though... by the end of this experience, we promise that you and Liya aren't going to have ANY secrets from each other!

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