Sexy Boots with Serenity - StripzVR

Sexy Boots with Serenity - StripzVR

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  • Studio: StripzVR (156 videos)
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  • 02 Apr 2021
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Serenity is back at StripzVR, performing exclusively for her favorite client— you! Over the years, this blonde hottie has already become familiar with what turns you on. Namely, golden haired British babes, petite figures, perky tits, and tight asses. Everything Serenity is! That’s why you’re her favorite patron, because you never fail to make her feel hot and beautiful. Today, she’s wearing one of your fetishes: PVC in the form of high heels which perfectly show off her firm legs and tight figure. She’s also clad in black, silky lingerie. Just enough to give you a glimpse of the goods, while leaving something there to strip off. Serenity starts off the show with slow, sensual movements while massaging her tits and showing you her cut, before removing her top. You can clearly see her sexy tan lines, which frame those gorgeous, soft tits beautifully. Then, Serenity slowly pulls down her black underwear and gives you a close-up view of her big, smooth ass. She parts her cunt with her fingers so you can take a look at her dripping pussy, and continues giving you a hot strip performance. No tips needed here at StripzVR— just put on your VR headset and enjoy the exclusive show!

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