Serena Santos Easter With Serena - VR Allure

Serena Santos Easter With Serena - VR Allure

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  • Studio: VR Allure (60 videos)
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  • 06 Apr 2021
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VR Allure presents you with an Easter escapade with no other than the hot babe Serena Santos. Start off with Serena Santos clad up in her cute bunny ears telling you that you will be designing cute little eggs for Easter at her house. If you look down a bit you can see her huge breasts almost popping out from her tank top. You watch her boil the eggs in her cute little apron. After a little bit of instructions and telling you what to do, you move to the window side where she starts being all cute and flirty with you. Her boobs are popped out of her tank top for you to see and touch. She also jiggles her ass for you. She slaps it for you. You like watching that happen. She starts touching herself and making herself moan. She is teasing you at this point, licking her finger while looking straight at you. She touches herself even more, making herself more wet and ready for you. She leans in to kiss you and starts talking dirty to you. She whips out her huge wand of a vibrator and plays with herself. Soon enough, she is screaming in pleasure. She does not stop with the vibrator until she is squirting out waterfalls! You can see how soaked the couch is and that turns you even more on. She continues to rub her sensitive clit with the wand wanting to reach another orgasm that will make her squirt even more. She is grinding on that wand, obviously, really horny and wanting more and more. She is not done. She takes out a dildo and sticks it on the window floor. She then props herself up on top of it and let’s it slide inside of her. She bounces up and down until she cums once again.

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