Red Velvet Cupcakes Featuring Chloe Temple - SwallowBay

Red Velvet Cupcakes Featuring Chloe Temple - SwallowBay

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  • Studio: SwallowBay (16 videos)
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  • 16 Aug 2021
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It’s no more a secret, Chloe is a sinner and she has embraced her true self just like how she’s going to embrace your cock in this VR blowjob scene. If the curved horns and revealing lingerie weren’t enough of a hint, then her red eyes will be, she’s a sexy spawn from hell, with one mission only, to seduce you into the underworld. It might seem like too much, but once she shows you that the underworld is cooking the best blowjobs, you’ll sell your soul to her. It’s all worth it, but it’s not like you can resist that devilish charm and perky breasts anyway. They might be small titties, but she knows how to work their magic on any man, you included. Chloe’s mouth is salivating at the sight of your big dick, she’s already imagining how deep it’s going to be swallowed, and her teasing is the first sign. With mouth wide open, she sucks her fingers and moves them all over her body, until she slides them towards her soaking wet pussy, moaning out how horny she is. This wicked hot blonde won’t waste a moment, she’ll wrap her lips around your prick and suck it like she’s extracting the very soul from your body. Every new move she makes on it is inching you closer to an orgasm, but even so, she doesn’t want this to be just another blowjob, she wants you to make it special. Throatfuck her, pull her hair, slap her pretty face, anything you can do to make her feel at home. All soaked up with her saliva, your cock is pulsing, like it’s ready to release the product of your sinful interaction. She’ll gobble it all up to get a taste of a real man, treating you to a blowjob only a vixen like her can perform.

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