Public Daisy Lee - SinsVR

Public Daisy Lee - SinsVR

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  • Studio: SinsVR (12 videos)
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  • 12 Sep 2020
  • Download: MP4, 86.16 Mb

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Daisy Lee is a funny girl who is not afraid to tease! And to tease big time! … when she arrived at the shooting with her “Barbie” pink car, with big letters on the side marked “PORN STAR”, all the neighbourhood knew what was coming! She is really a star in Prague. Daisy has a really pretty friendly face, lit by smilling eyes, a stunning tanned figure enhanced by huge boobs and tattoos, a perfect ass, and a peachy juicy pussy . At the top, Daisy is just wild enough!, so when we asked her if she would do a “public” teasing scene, of course she went for it

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