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Playing With The Inner Fire - Amber Deen - Virtual Taboo

Playing With The Inner Fire - Amber Deen - Virtual Taboo

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  • 12 Sep 2018
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Today on Virtual Taboo, On that fateful day, our ravishing hottie of a soccer mom Amber Deen was feeling a bit flustered and immensely horny. Knowing that no one would interrupt her naughty ritual, this desirable blonde decided to take it to the living room, where a brown couch was simply waiting for her to sprawl her naked body on it and finger herself. Taking off the white shirt and making her round boobs pop out, this luscious mature mom touched her curvy body and started to slowly slide down her pink jeans shorts before spreading her big butt cheeks. Laying down on the aforementioned couch, our incredibly foxy Amber completely removed her shorts and had her lightly hairy pussy appear in the open. Sliding her fingers down towards her wet snatch, saucy MILF Amber started slowly rubbing her clit in order to get herself even wetter. Once she could feel her beaver becoming even more slippery, this wonderful honey decided to use her fingers on the entire length of her pussy lips before gently plunging them deep inside of her orgasmic pink slit. Moving them in and out, this stunning MILF could not help herself and let her lips part as a gentle moan of pleasure escaped her throat. In the heat of the moment, our gorgeous Amber simply could not control herself anymore and involuntarily increased the speed of pussy fingering until she could feel an amazing orgasm building up deep inside of her. And, when it finally happened, the release of immense sexual tension made this smoking hot mom moan rather loudly one last time.

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