Nurse Kenzie Madison - RealJamVR

Nurse Kenzie Madison - RealJamVR

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  • Studio: RealJamVR (149 videos)
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  • 18 Aug 2020
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We all need to respect medical professionals these days, especially when they're as drop dead gorgeous as Kenzie Madison. Most nurses don't usually wear white lace stockings on the job, but Kenzie definitely isn't most nurses. Sure, she's a little late sometimes, but she knows how to make it up to you, especially when you need a hand with some of your equipment. You're the top doctor in this department, but she's definitely the head nurse and she's always happy to show off her skills when you need a little release. Hell, she'll even change the linens on the hospital bed after you fuck her brains out, that's just how dedicated she is to the job.

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