Anal has been taboo for awhile, but now that porn is everywhere, we get the luxury of anal all the time. That still means you have to weed through all the videos to find the best, until today. We are compiling a list of the best anal videos of February 2018 whether it involves a butt plug or straight up anal sex.


Lita Phoenix in Deep Anal with Mileena - Real Jam VR

What's better than fucking a girl in the ass? Fucking a girl in the ass while she's dressed up as a Mortal Kombat ninja! Lita Phoenix gives us a performance as Mileena that shows she's not just a slut, she's a real gamer slut. In this clip from Real Jam VR, she starts off by showing off some graceful ninja kicks and punches, but it doesn't take long before the poses stop and the real fun begins, stripping down and letting you give her a real anal pounding. Lita's got a really nice ass, which you would expect from a ninja, and you get to stretch her asshole wide open. As Mortal Kombat fans ourselves, we'll “Jax” off to this girl any time she wants. Hell, bring in a girl dressed like Kitana too!

Chloe Cherry in Switching Holes - WankzVR

Chloe Cherry's been having a rough finals week in college and she's super stressed out about it. This video starts out with her whining about her day, which is a little too real if you ask me, but she mentions that her friend Becky told her about a great way to relieve some stress: a big cock in her ass! Becky really sold Chloe on the idea and she can't wait to try it with you. Switching holes turned out to be a great idea for Chloe in this WankzVR clip. You get to tease her tight little butthole with a finger, which just makes her beg for something bigger and harder. Pretty soon, you're pounding her so hard it's a wonder the neighbors can't hear her screaming! You'll want to thank Becky for giving your girlfriend such good advice after you're done with this one.

Blanche Bradburry in Whispers In The Night - Virtual Real Porn

There's no bullshit in this Virtual Real Porn clip, just Blanche Bradburry sucking your cock right away. That's one thing that I like, a woman who knows exactly what she wants, and Blanche wants your dick right here, right now, in her mouth and up her ass. After she's got you good and turned on with her amazing blowjob technique, she saddles up and rides your cock with her sweet ass. She starts out nice and slow, but before long, she's riding you hard enough to bounce her big Czech titties all over the bedroom. The most amazing part for me was when she showed off her pussy piercing, you know you're dealing with a real freak when they've got a pierced hood.

Anna Thorne in Nighttime Pleasures - VR Bangers

You know a video is going to be good when the girl's got one of the biggest dildos we've ever seen as the opener. To be honest, we're not sure exactly what Anna Thorne is up to in the beginning of this video, and that's okay, because she's so bored by it she falls asleep. Turns out, she didn't need that huge dildo at all, she's dreaming about a big fat dick to cram in her pussy and ass instead. We're treated to a really nice closeup of her playing with her shaved pussy, then we get straight to her riding you and screaming her head off as you fill her pussy up. Of course, that's not why you're really here, you're here to give her the kind of anal sex she can only get in her dreams. VR Bangers knocked it out of the park with this one, this girl is the real deal.

Lucy Heart in Unicorn Kingdom - Virtual Real Porn

Coming home, flopping down on the couch, and pulling your dick out to beat off to some quality Virtual Real Porn is an experience I think we can all say we've shared, but this one gets wild when Lucy Heart shows up. She's from a magical, far-away unicorn kingdom which we believe is located in Eastern Europe and, as it turns out, women from the unicorn kingdom are remarkably horny. Lucy starts out giving you a show with a vibrator and her sweet shaved pussy, before long she's sucking your cock and straddling you. After some fun times in the bedroom, the scene moves to a kitchen where she finally gives up the butt. Anal in the back of the house, what's better than that? Lucy's got a really fuckable ass and she knows what she wants.