The Best Softcore VR Pornsites

Softcore porn may not have the double-penetrating, bukkake-showering, anal fisting action of its hardcore counterpart, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hot AF. There are definitely days when all you want is to settle down, dick in hand, and fap it out to a chick fingering herself or doing a sensual striptease.
For those days, VRPornSeek has gathered some of the best softcore VR porn sites under one roof. Check them out!

Wank It Now VR Videos

Wank It Now VR videos are immersive JOI (jerk-off instructions) videos where British babes talk dirty to you, tease you, and tell you to masturbate and cum for them. These VR videos star hot nurses, girlfriends, stepmoms, teachers, coworkers, housemates— basically every type of girl you’ve ever fantasized about. The ladies here are a nice mix of slutty MILFs and barely-legal teens.
You’re going to love all the different sexy set-ups in each of the Wank It Now VR videos. Your pretty date teases you after spending the day together. You’re in the gym’s changing room, and a fit babe starts flirting with you. You’re visiting your friend’s house, and his hot mom is bent on making horny behind her son’s back.
These amazing softcore VR videos usually begin with the babe flirting and talking dirty to you. Then more exciting things start to happen— she gives you a peek at her nipples, or strips down to her bras and panties. She shows off her ass. Through it all, she keeps encouraging you to jerk off, and some even instruct you how to work your cock and the best spot to cum. It’s an incredibly intimate experience, and showcases the best that softcore VR porn has to offer!

StripzVR VR Videos

With StripzVR, you never have to leave your room to enjoy the VIP strip club experience. This softcoreVR porn site specializes in sexy strippers and tantalizing performances— except you don’t have to pay for tips, and the one-on-one show starts the moment you turn on your VR headset.
Almost all the hotties on StripzVR fit the quintessential stripper mold. Thin, tall, and absolutely gorgeous. These are high-caliber babes, and IRL, they’ll be expensive as fuck. Not on StripzVR!
The sets are the same for most of the videos, which is nice because it makes you feel like a regular at the club. The babes are experts at striptease, and they also wear sexy outfits to tickle your fantasy. Sit back, relax, and let the girls do all the work at StripzVR!

IStripper VR Videos

Forget about Vegas, because iStripper VR is your ticket to partying like a high roller without spending a fortune. The softcore VR porn videos here will make you feel like you own an entire strip club in your bedroom, complete with the hottest girls, lap dances, and slow stripping while dancing and teasing you with their words and sexy bodies. It gets even better when they start playing with themselves! You’re automatically a VIP on IStripper the moment you put on your VR headset and enter this sensual world of softcore porn.

ZexyVR VR Videos

Zexy VR is a glam teasing site from the creators of Wank It Now, where British glamour models tease you in clothing first, before giving you a sexy strip tease.
In most scenes the girls tease you without saying a word, with sensual music playing in the background. The girls here let their body do the talking, and they’re excellent at it. They take it slow, making sure you get a good view before taking off their bras and panties. They’re masters at teasing.
The scenes are original and numerous, and you're guaranteed to love them. The babes on ZexyVR make fantasties come true. Ever wanted to watch a colleague, teacher, waitress, or secretaries strip in front of you? Done. There are also scenes where multiple girls put on a show at the same time, and even an awesome video of a chick showering in full VR. There’s a great deal of sexy outfits like high heels, stockings, and hot underwear. You can also watch scenes shot in Jacuzzis and swimming pools. This is Playboy-style softcore porn, in immersive VR!

StasyQVR VR Videos

StasyQVR has some of the finest softcore VR porn content, period. This softcore porn site stars gorgeous Russian girls stripping down for your pleasure, until all that’s left are their perfect bodies and your hard-on. It’s an immersive, private striptease for your eyes only!
This another Playboy-type solo softcore destination, because it’s more sensual than downright sexual. The babes are perfect and look like high-end models, and the sets look like you’re in a high-class, elegant apartment. The ladies wear lingerie while dancing in front of you, teasing you, and making you hard while she slowly removes her clothes. Definitely one of the best softcore VR porn sites out there right now!
Best of all, you don’t have to jump from site to site just to experience the best softcore VR porn sites int this list. You’ll find them all on VRPornSeek— choose a video, hit play, and enter a whole new world of softcore porn and more!