When it comes to watch VR porn it’s very important to choose the right headset to do so. Today there’s plenty of VR headsets to choose from online from the cheap ones that cost below $100 to more expensive ones (HTC Vive, PSVR, Oculus Rift) that cost above $400.

Low cost headset such as the Google Cardboard or Homido might do the job, but keep in mind that these headsets have a very low streaming quality, they are made with low quality materials and overall, they break down very fast. On the other hand, the expensive ones are designed for guys who play video games all day long and they
obviously work great for adult content. Also, keep in mind that many of these devices work with mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy so if you don’t have a Samsung, it might not work for you.

A VR headset that has been gaining a lot of momentum lately is the IRIS VR Headset by PVRmall.com. This device is priced at $199, it has a very good streaming quality with crystal clear resolution so it provides consumers with a top of the line VR experience. On top of that, it has a battery life that lasts more than 3 hours and it doesn’t require consumers to use their mobile device. Simply connect the Iris to a WIFI and it’s good to go. The product is also made with strong and light materials. It weights approximately a little more than 1 pound and we were very impressed with the nice all white design as well. It works only for adult content, not for video games. Watching adult content in VR requires people to purchase VR porn subscriptions from the major VR studios, but this headset comes with a perk. By purchasing this device, users would gain free VR videos through their partner site PVR.fun which is basically a collection of VR videos that gets refreshed and updated weekly with new content. This is actually something to keep in mind since VR subscriptions are not cheap and they can add up.

In conclusion, the Iris is a very good device for a good price. It’s produced for consumers who want to own a headset just for porn and it also doesn’t break the bank. The fact that you can get free videos with this device, makes it even sweeter. If you are thinking of getting a new headset, this one won’t disappoint and you will have a lot of fun.