My Husband Doesn't Want Me, Can You Help? - Brandi Love - VR Hush

My Husband Doesn't Want Me, Can You Help? - Brandi Love - VR Hush

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  • 28 Jun 2018
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Today on VR Hush, Brandi Love needs some couple's therapy. She loves her husband but also has a deep desire to fulfill her incredible sex drive. She is in her prime and can't stop thinking about how much she wants to feel a cock in her pussy. Her husband is a nice guy but doesn't meet her needs in bed anymore. He was supposed to be here at the therapy session but again, he didn't show up and Brandi is feeling incredibly horny. She wore her loose cut shirt, 6-inch heels and favorite skirt to this meeting. Brandi can tell that you, the therapist, can't stop looking at her body and that you really want to help resolve this situation. It sucks that her husband didn't show up but who are you to not help a MILF in need? Perhaps she needs more physical therapy and less emotional support. From that look in her eye, you have just the thing she needs

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