Liz Jordan in “Neighbor Affair” - Naughty America VR

Liz Jordan in “Neighbor Affair” - Naughty America VR

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  • Studio: Naughty America VR (137 videos)
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  • 05 Apr 2021
  • Download: MP4, 54.06 Mb

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Liz Jordan’s neighbor asks her to housesit, and being the nice babe that she is, Liz says yes. However, she had no idea that her neighbor’s husband never left town and has been spying on this teen brunette inside his own house. The thing is, Liz got so bored, she started trying on different lingerie that the wife owned, and being the horny little slut that she is, started masturbating while she’s wearing them— and all this time, the naughty husband has her on their 24/7 hidden security cameras. Finally, he can’t take it anymore, because Liz is just too hot while she’s rubbing her cunt and stuffing her fingers into her shaved pussy! The husband reveals himself, and Liz is only too happy to have someone cum on her perky tits. You let her know that you saw trying on your wife’s sexiest outfits, and now that he’s hard, he has no choice but to fuck you in them. Liz starts giving you the best deep throat blowjob ever, and you give it to her hardcore doggy style while you’re clutching her petite ass and bang her pussy as hard as you can. You give the house sitter what she’s been craving for, which is a huge hot cumshot!

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