Layla Does Anything and Anyone For Art Layla Price - VR Hush

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  • 28 Nov 2017
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Layla is nervous and excited. She's put her heart and soul into her latest movie and it is finally showing at a big-time film festival. The problem is, she's not sure what in the world to wear! After all, in Hollywood it's all about how good you look. She decides to bring in the big guns and call a hunky fashion designer, Mike Mancini. Since he a busy working at home, Mike tells Layla to come over. Layla hurries over to Mike's house where he's sitting in the living room, enjoying a glass of wine. The two of them go over a few clothing options and Layla slinks off to try some outfits. Mike looks over to see Layla's body as she slips off her clothing. Feeling his cock begin to get hard, he moves in for a closer look. Layla turns and notices Mike peeping on her and is about to say something, she stops to take a good look at the growing manhood in Mike's pants. Layla struts over to Mike, and before he can even apologize for checking her out, Layla has his cock is deep in her mouth. As her tongue is swirling around the shaft, it takes on new life and grows, filling her lips as she grabs hold of the bulging dick. Layla's pussy, glistening in the light, calls Mike to it. He reaches down and touches her pussy glitter. He tastes her cum and lets it run down his throat. Delicious. Mike slides his fingers out of her dripping pussy and then pushes his pulsating cock deep into her. She is so wet that it glides right in. They fuck as he holds her hips, her tits bouncing with every thrust. It really brings out the animal in of her and now she wants to be fucked like one. She momentarily pushes him away and then turns to present him with her gorgeous ass.

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