Lana Roy Anally Yours - Virtual Taboo

Lana Roy Anally Yours - Virtual Taboo

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  • Studio: Virtual Taboo (423 videos)
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  • 23 Feb 2021
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Lana Roy VR is super excited about her brand new kitty costume. Her boyfriend loves watching sexy VR Porn with furry costumes. Lana had her outfit custom made to surprise him. When she sees how cute it is, the pretty brunette cannot wait to make his fantasies come true. She is confused by the tail though. It is long and soft, but there is nothing to attach to it. While Lana is trying to figure it out, her stepbrother comes into her room. At her instance, you explain to her that the tail is also a butt plug and attaches to her costume by going into her ass. Intrigued, she asks for your help. You jump at the chance to slip the silver plug into her tight asshole. When it is in, she wiggles her ass, enjoying the feeling. Seeing her like this have you excited so you take out your cock. She knows she shouldn’t but she wants it in her mouth. After making you promise not to tell, she starts sucking you deep and moaning around your meat. Her pussy is so wet that she asks you to let her feel it inside. Moving the tail aside, you fuck her pussy for a few strokes before she begs you to put it into her ass. Lana has never even let her boyfriend put it there, but she can’t wait any longer. You start slow, but she loves it in the backdoor and rides you hard with her tight ass gripping your big cock. When she feels you ready to cum, Lana sucks you off all over her face, cleaning every drop. She promises to be your anal slut if you promise not to tell her boyfriend.

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