Keep Your Family Close But Stepmom Closer - Virtual Taboo

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  • 01 Aug 2019
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Today on Virtual Taboo, Emily Bright is a hard working career woman with a lot on her plate. Her recent marriage has also given her a new stepson who just doesn't seem to be motivated. He is constantly blowing off his college classes so he can sit around all day and play video games. The lazy young man can't even bother to clean up after himself. When Emily starts picking up his dirty laundry she catches son snapping of picture of her ass as she is bent over. Shocked, but also flattered that is he looking at her that way, Emily formulates a plan. With her husband away on business mom hasn't been getting the regular dick she is used to. She could use some young hard cock and plans to use the lure of her sweet body to motivate the young son to help out around the house. He certainly does not object to her plan, especially when she wraps her talented lips around his meat and starts sucking.

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