Karma Is A Bitch - Karma Rx - VR Bangers

Karma Is A Bitch - Karma Rx - VR Bangers

    • 60 FPS
    • 180°
  • Studio: VR Bangers (275 videos)
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  • 13 Jul 2018
  • Download: MP4, 86.13 Mb

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Today on VR Bangers, Is karma a bitch? People kept saying that so VR Bangers decided to put it to the test in their latest VR porn fantasy called Karma is a Bitch VR porn video and featuring one of the hottest VR pornstars in the entire business named, not by an accident… Karma Rx. Wearing your VR headset is gonna put you in favor of this virtual reality porn slut – you can say that, thanks to us, the girl will be ready to do whatever it takes to make you satisfied. First of all, you’re welcome! And secondly, you’re probably gonna ask: how so? Well, in this VR porn fantasy, we’ll make you a famous artist who’s looking for his brand new assistant who’d take some of his duties for him. Karma will be there as one of your biggest fans, looking for the job, but since she won’t have any experience in the areas that are important for this role, she’ll have to do something else to change your mind on hiring her – and with such a “qualities” like hers there’s only one thing that could potentially draw your attention. This hot VR porn bitch will now kneel in front of her soon-to-be boss and suck his balls and cock to the very last droplet of cum – and all of that will be available to you thanks to the high-quality VR Bangers’ virtual reality camera in form of a 3D 360° VR porn fantasy!

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