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Her First Casting Call with Sheryl X - Dark Room VR

Her First Casting Call with Sheryl X - Dark Room VR

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  • 09 Apr 2021
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Sheryl X is a newbie in the modelling and acting world. She just started out a few months ago. She has been to numerous auditions and casting calls but she does not end any of the jobs in the end. One day, she gets invited to audition for an agency that caters to VR fantasy content. She thought she could give it a shot but she did not get her hopes up. She is already setting herself up for rejection. She enters the room and she sits on the chair, just like any other casting call there was a bright light on her. She listens when they tell her what this job is about and what she needs to do. She then realized that they shoot VR porn. She was very hesitant, not even sure if this is what she wanted to do but then she was introduced to her co-star and he pulled out his dick in front of her. She was so intrigued by how huge his cock was, she has never experienced a big dick like that before. She feels that they are real professionals for the VR porn industry and she sees the guy interviewing her take out his cock as well. She was even more intrigued and was already deciding that she will try it. She has never had two dicks at the same time and I guess this is the time to do it. She wants to impress this agency so badly so she gets in on the fun and she lets them undress her as she sucks their cocks. She is then put in all fours, the two men fuck both of her holes. They fuck her and she realizes that they weren’t filming her. They just wanted to bang her pussy so bad. She came so many times she started to lose track and the two men ended by shooting cum all over her face. They leave her be after.

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