First Day With Lucy Alexandra - Wank It Now VR

First Day With Lucy Alexandra - Wank It Now VR

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  • Studio: Wank It Now VR (59 videos)
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  • 24 Mar 2021
  • Download: MP4, 128.05 Mb

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Your new employee SUCKS. She’s hot as fuck, but it’s her first day, and she’s not giving you a great first impression. You hate nothing more than a bad investment, especially when it comes to hiring new employees. Can hot British blonde Lucy Alexandra salvage the situation and keep her job? What can she do when the boss— you – is threatening to fire her already? In a desperate bid to keep her position, she gets you to reconsider in the best way she knows how— by putting on a show of her “skills.” How about you calm down and sit in the boss’ chair while Lucy puts on a sexy show? Get your cock out and watch Lucy show you why she deserves to stay as she lifts her short, black skirt to give you a great view of her ass and shaved pussy. She starts fingering her juicy cunt, which starts to drip as she notices your dick start to get hard. Will you forgive her now? How about when she spreads her legs wide and she pushes her fingers into her pussy? She’s willing to do ANYTHING to keep her job, even if that means showing you’re her big boobs until you decide she deserves the position!

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