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Extra Work with Amber Leah - Wank It Now VR

Extra Work with Amber Leah - Wank It Now VR

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  • 30 Apr 2021
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Amber Leah. Our feisty and voluptuous red head girl. She has large as fuck breasts that anyone would want to drown in them. Lucky for you, this babe is your very own babysitter! She was babysitting your child last night and she ended up sleeping on your sofa. It is morning now, and you wake her up. You know that this girl is willing to do some extra things for some extra money! I mean who would not right? So you offer her more money but then you want to see her huge boobs and you want her to hold and stroke your cock! Of course, she says yes because money is tempting. Of course, she makes it worth your money. First, she pulls down the top of her dress to reveal those breasts. The top part of her dress hikes up her boobs makes it more full and by now you are drooling. She massages them and squeezes them to make it look even bigger. She smiles at you while she caresses them, as if she also wanted this to happen. She puts on a show with her boobs and stripping off her dress slowly but surely. She then comes near you and touches your hard cock before pulling it out and letting it free. You breathe a sigh of relief because you have been wanting to feel those hands stroke your cock while you stare at those huge boobs. She wanks your cock hard and good before she puts it all inside of her mouth. It does not stop there of course, she puts it in between her huge breasts and bounces it up and down giving you a tit job. This of course, ends with the two of you fucking it out because who can not resist more, right?

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Really love ambers curves here

Curves lover 4 months ago
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