Exposed - Kattie Gold - StockingsVR

Exposed - Kattie Gold - StockingsVR

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  • Studio: StockingsVR (50 videos)
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  • 30 Apr 2018
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Kattie Gold is totall exposed. Those bright red shoes are matched by only one thing - her long, sexy red hair. Kattie Gold is here to show you a little something, and she'd like to you get nice and close. No... closer. That's it. Now that you're hear, watching her hands slither down her body and hug her every curves, she's going to tease you until you just can't stand it anymore. Watch as her fingers slip into her panties and then slip into her body, making her close her eyes and moan in ecstasy as she fights to hold herself back from an orgasm. After all, what a good is a tease if she's going to give you exactly what you want right away?

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